Vince Gordon – Born Lasse Rosdahl Larsen (1965-2016)

At only 17, Vince Gordon had what he described in his own words as “an uncontrollable urge to play rockabilly”, and he also had an “uncontrollable urge to leave high school”. So, he did. Without a single music lesson he became only a few years later one of the world’s best rockabilly guitarists. And fans from around the world called him Mr. Rockabilly.

Despite rockabilly not being a traditionally popular genre in Denmark, Vince Gordon stayed true to himself and had the courage to follow his heart.

In the below video Rockabilly Expert Fred Sokolow talks about Vince Gordon.

Vince Gordon was The Jime

He was an exceptionally gifted musician; not only was he able to play a phenomenal lead guitar, but in many of the recordings produced by The Jime, he also played the drums, the bass and the piano. As Vince Gordon would say with his usual sense of humor: “The Jime might as well have been called ‘The Vince Gordon Trio’.”

Vince writes allmost all songs himself, he plays the majority of the instruments if not all, and he also signs for production and engineering. There’s only one word that comes to mind: RESPECT!

Marijn Raaijmakers

The BlackCat Website, Holland

The Vince Gordon Sound

Besides being one of the world’s best rockabilly guitarists, Vince Gordon was an incredibly multitalented artist, who excelled as a composer, poet, musician, producer, layout artist, rockabilly expert and author of several rockabilly manuals.

He had a unique talent for transforming life experiences into soul-stirring music so full of energy, passion, and dedication and yet so soft, gentle and full of love. From ballads and love songs to fast, light-hearted, and energetic rockabilly, he did it all with his world renowned “Vince Gordon Sound”.

Greatest wish was to inspire

More than anything, Vince Gordon wanted to show that rockabilly is indeed today’s music and to share his passion for the genre by inspiring others to start playing rockabilly themselves. As Vince Gordon ends his popular e-book “How to play rockabilly guitar and get good, fast!:  Have fun!”

Vince pulls out some leads that would even make old Setzer himself a little green with envy.

Planet Rockabilly, USA

Created The Rockabilly Guitar Page

It was this wish that led him to start the popular page The Rockabilly Guitar Page. Here he shared his expertise within the genre covering everything from rockabilly guitars and history to sound settings and customization of guitars.

He wrote, for instance, about old masters like Carl Perkins and Scotty Moore, about the special guitars, and about the special gear used in rockabilly music.

Recreated the Scotty More sound

Vince Gordon recreated the Scotty Moore Sound on his Epiphone, which he himself had customized. The customization of the guitar is described on the Rockabilly Guitar Page and shown in a YouTube video with more than 330,000 views.

Put his mark on rockabilly history

In his much to short lifetime Vince Gordon became a rockabilly legend by putting his unique mark on rockabilly history.

You can learn more about Vince Gordon and his remarkable career in the more detailed timeline.

Thank you to family, friends, and colleagues of Vince Gordon for their contributions to this page created to celebrate Vince Gordon as a person and as a musician for his unique contribution to the rockabilly music.


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