How to play Rockabilly guitar and get god fast, Vince Gordon




What it is

It’s got the subtitle “The beginner’s guide to the rockabilly style” and it covers the very basics of guitar playing incl. tab-reading and advice on strings and picks a.s.o.
It’s far from just a beginner’s guide to guitar playing though, it’s mainly an introduction to the rockabilly guitar style and the art of improvising within that genre.
If you haven’t learned how to improvise, playing rockabilly lead guitar will never feel natural or easy. That’s why the teaching is centred on improvisation.
It also shows you how to play many classic rockabilly riffs, chords and some guitar boogie bass lines besides two scales, so you have something to build on.
It’s 33 pages including cover. It has tabs, chord diagrams, pictures and the text doesn’t require any previous technical musical knowledge to understand.
It’s written in everyday language, but don’t let that fool you. It IS based on music theory. The method of learning is just far less complicated and gets to the point.

What it’s not

It doesn’t cover finger picking and it doesn’t deal with the advanced music theory of rockabilly. However, you would have to have a pretty big knowledge about rockabilly music theory not to be able to pick up something new.
If you’re an intermediate or advanced player, this book is probably not for you. I refer you to my eBook “Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons” instead.


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