The rockabilly guitar page

 This is the most complete page if you want to learn more about rockabilly guitars and the gear you can use for your perfect sound.  Vince Gordon made this page straight from his rockabilly heart. His love for the music was so strong that he wanted to share it with everyone. On the Rockabilly Guitar page Vince talks about guitars, amps, effects and strings.  How he sets his guitar amps and effects on recordings. 

You can also read about  the different between the pick-ups. And great stories about the original artists.  No more wandering in the dark. You will find the answers right here.

– BENNY HARDEVEL Friend to Vince Gordon and guitarist, Netherland


Vince Gordons SansAmp and setting
Get Vince Gordons own settings for his rockabilly guitars.
The Scotty Moore sound
Vince Gordon introduce you to how you can get the sound as legendary Scotty Moore, Elvis Presleys guitarist.
Jonhny Brunette and The Rock ´n´ Roll Trio
The discovery about who played the leadguitar at legendary recordings from Jonhny Brunette and The Rock´ n Roll Trio. Grady Martin – and not Poul Burlison.
Rock around the Clock guitar
Vince Gordons interview with Danny Cedrone about his guitar and gear and download the Rock around the Clock solo as a powertab.
Carl Perkins
Vince Gordon article and interview with Stan Parkins about Carl Perkins guitars and gear.


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