1987 – The Jime releases the LP “Rockabilly Revival”, Sun Records
1999 –  Mean Side of Town, SMP Records and New York, Skully records
1999 – “Mean Side Of Town” is released in England.
2000  – “Mean Side Of Town” is released in February in the rest of the world.
2002 – “It’s Still Rock’n’Roll To Me”, Nervous Records, UK.
2007 – “New Set of Rules”, Stubborn Music Publishing
2008 – “Rockabilly Beat”, Stubborn Music Publishing
2010 – “Travel On”, Stubborn Music Publishing
2013 – “It’s a Wheel”, Stubborn Music Publishing
2006 – “Jam with the Jime 1”, Stubborn Music Publishing
2008 – “Jam with the Jime 2”, Stubborn Music Publishing


2004 – Vince Gordons tips on Rockabilly Guitar, Amps & Effects – Guitars-Pickups – Fingerboard -Stings-The Guitars i use(d) The Rockabilly Guitar Page
2006 – Johnny Brunet and the Rockabilly Trio,The Rockabilly page
2010 – The Scotty Moore Sound, The Rockabilly page
2011 – Rock around the clock guitare, The Rockabilly page
2011 – Contributor to The illustrated history: The Twang That Heart Around The World
2012 – Carl Perkins guitars and Amps, The Rockabilly page

E-books: Rockabilly School by Vince Gordon

2005 E-bog – How to play Rockabilly guitar – and get god fast,
2008 E-bog – Intermediate Rockabilly Rockabilly Guitar Lessons,


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