Jam with the Jime 1 – MP3



Backing Track CD with rockabilly jam tracks by The Jime to play or sing along to.
It’s called ‘Jam With The Jime’ because it’s with The Jime’s rhythm section like it appears on our records.
These jam tracks are in the basic so-called 12-bar ‘blues’ format that will fit countless rockabilly songs. The format is: | A | A | A | A | D | D | A | A | E | E | A | A |.
The 18 tracks are in 9 different tempos. From 120 bpm to 200 bpm (bpm = Beats Per Minute).
All jam tracks are in the key of A, which is by far the most popular key in Rockabilly.
The instruments used are: Slap Bass (Upright bass), Drums and Acoustic Guitar.


Every second track has an added electric rhythm guitar (My old ’55 Gretsch 6120 G-brand in fact!) with a typical rockabilly echo.
Although these rockabilly jam tracks will fit the teaching in the ‘How To Play Rockabilly Guitar – and get good, fast!’ like a glove, they will be useful for any musician on any instrument, guitar, piano, sax or harmonica – you name it.
…It’s like being on stage with a real live rockabilly band – it’s FUN!


“I received your CD and although I`m not a beginner, the CD does substantially help to improve the skill, I really like it! You did a great job, keep going!” – Peter Blattner, Switzerland.

“Thank you so very much, I already received it this morning! Not only that, I also spent most of the rainy day jamming with ‘my’ new band 🙂 Already after just a couple of hours I can feel my playing improving 🙂 This CD is exactly what I needed! I’m already looking forward to volume 2 ;-)” – Thomas Rahmlow, Bad Oldesloe, Germany.

“I received the CD. I like it a lot. I can practice my boogie woogie licks with some back up now.
I am going to take it to my ballroom dance class. The strong rhythm is easy to follow. I think it will be useful for working on our swing dance techniques. Maybe I will drag my guitar along and do some pickin’.” – Paul Hecker, Rockford, IL, USA.

“I got the Jam With The Jime CD and it sounds great. Very good recording job. I like the various tempo increases that allows you to increase your speed.” – Glenn Anderson, Frisco, Texas USA.

“Having used the “how to play rockabilly guitar and get good fast” book by Vince Gordon, I was eager to have the “Jam with the Jime CD” which I heard complemented the e-book. As I am a beginner I was hoping it wouldn’t be too fast for me. I was delighted to see that I could choose what speed I wanted. Not only is the quality of the recording excellent, the 12 bar blues format in A, D & E works really well for the rockabilly style. When I was playing along to it with my headphones on (I have a CD player with guitar input), my wife came in and just looked at me as if I had gone mad! I love it.” – Chris Bottley, London, England.

“I found the CD this afternoon in my mailbox. I like it a lot !!!!!!!! Now I’m really getting somewhere. I played run chicken run by link wray already !!!!!!!! Now I can find the right notes for the solos. Thank you!” – Bennie H., Bilthoven, The Netherlands.


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